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Dollganger Legacy 1.1

I screwed up my beginning photos....

Creative, I know.
....This is also only my second time using Photoshop...

There's a first time for everything. Including my trying to record Sims. This the second legacy I've done, and the first I've attempted to record. I was such a newbie at it that I actually used the games camera until I realized that other people used other methods. Oh, and for a while there I tried using Window's PrintScreen button only to realize after playing for a bit that it took photos of my screen behind my game and not my game.

So come step right up as I stumble my way through the start of this. The beginning bit is all from the Sims 2 craptastic camera, and then after that I used Fraps.....and occasionally forgot to turn the damn thing on! I really don't get the hang of the thing until around Gen 3, so uh, stick with me here.

I'm going to try and put all the crappy photos in this post here. Not that they get much better, but they get....less crappy, and that has to count for something!!

This is my Founder, Christopher Dollganger (and his kitty, Ki, because the Sims cats are easier than the Sims dogs.)
LTW: Become a Criminal Mastermind

I'm going full on points, bitches! Give me the tree. And that sucker better not die on me.
Christopher: This stupid thing makes me sleep outside, let it die!

That tree was expensive~! So this is all Chris gets to live with until he convince someone to marry his sorry ass.

The Welcome Wagon was surprisingly lacking, but Chris did make friends with this nice store chick. Can't marry her, which I didn't realize and wasted two days trying to get them to fall in love.
Christopher: I don't want to get married, I want to skill.

All that wasted effort. And she was a redhead too! Unfortunate nose, but I'm looking for interesting babies, not super models.
Redhead: You're a Criminal? How exciting! Yet terrifying. But exciting! Yet still terrifying.
Maybe it's a good thing they can't breed.

Chris' days were spent looking for his dream job and a spouse, while his nights were spent sleeping and watching his cat prove she's the dominate bitch in the neighborhood.
Christoper: Cat fight!
I had that cat picked out as a mate for Ki too.

Tried having him dig for treasure, but...

... it didn't work out so well. And why yes, I did have to take that photo so far away that moving any closer pixilated the hell out of it.

At this point I realized the blur out bugged me, because it made the picture look odd. Not that taking a photo of a naked simulated cartoon character in the shower wasn't odd enough, but there's something silly about that blur box.
Christopher:*grumble* can't believe I have to bathe outside *grumble*

At some point in there, Christopher's dream job showed up in the papers and I apparently didn't find it worthy of picture taking. Not like him in the shower or the random cat fight. o.O My poor, naive, past self.

But hey, the added money helped contribute to Christopher's elaborate lifestyle!

Ki even finally got a bed! Sleepy kitty. >.<

La Shawn had been part of the Welcome Wagon I failed to record, and this is the only photo I have of her where Ki threatened to attack her sorry ass if she didn't stop coming around (spoiler alert: she didn't), but she practically stalked Christopher. Constantly calling him and coming over unannounced.

So naturally he asked her out. And this blonde stalked her the entire date.
La Shawn: Go away, I'm looking for my soulmate~ And you are not it, Barbie!
Christopher: Wonder if I can end this thing early and go earn a Cleaning Skill.....

Date went OK. One bolters, so nothing to write home about.

I like this action a lot and was happy to see them try it out.

At least he got it up to Dream Date status.

Oh what the hell, let's move her in! And look! Brick!

Look! I discovered how to make the pics bigger! Still crap at remembering to take photos, let along taking good ones, but at least their was less pixilation.
Oh, and meet my Founder's spouse
La Shawn Cameron
LTW: Marry Off 6 Children
She came already in the Culinary career.

A quick pic of in the inside of their house....I swear I get better at taking pics.
La Shawn: I bought us matching end tables so we can display proof of our love!
Christopher: Where's the chess table?
You can't see it here, but she's thinking of him...she's always thinking of him...

La Shawn: Quick, marry me before you realize I shanked all the other bitches who tried to show up!
Christopher: What?!
La Shawn: Too late now!

Commence with the baby-making, Chris ain't getting any younger.
We have a jingle!

I guess Christopher isn't completely indifferent to her. But it's mostly all her.

He mostly ignores her.

La Shawn: Oh my god BABIES!
Family Sims, I swear.

The ended up with twins, Corrine and Gabriel, which I failed to get any pictures of between pop number one and their toddler birthday.

Toddler throwing, it's tradition!
Christopher: If the upwards trajectory is determined by the force of my toss...

Corrine and Gabriel from far away. Enjoy squinting.
Gabriel: Yummy yummy hand.
Corrine: I'm surrounded my idiots.
This is also the moment I realized that La Shawn is a hair dyer and I had a couple of brunets on my hands. I was pretty peeved. In part because I hadn't downloaded any sort of equal genetics mod, and because my last legacy was full of brunets for about three generations and I was trying to be different this time around.

Ki was way too much of a bitch to allow any stray near the house (the exact oppisite of her namesake who was so terrified of other cats he'd hide in the house if he so much as had hint of one near, crying at me to make it go away), they had to adopt her a mate. Meet Gypsy, the girl named boy cat to go with my boy named girl cat... because I made of a mistake, but who cares! Gender defined names are societal concept anyways.

I did not realize how fast kittens grow up in this game. I swear it's been like two days.

(This is the only and only time these two liked each other enough to have kittens. They couldn't stand each other the rest of the time.)

La Shawn: Say "bear" you creepy glowing child.
Corrine: I don't have to listen to you!
She seriously ignores her kids most of the time. It's all about Christopher. She never rolled a want for a baby, never rolls wants to interact with her kids, any of it.
I also decided to dye Corrine's hair in a fit of rebellion! Side note: don't dye toddlers hair. Seriously.

I took this photo purely to show that Christopher had maxed all his skills, but I missed the floaty thing above his head.

Christopher: It FeEls sOoOo gOoD~
One more zap and...

LTW accomplished!

Gabriel and Corrine grew up!
La Shawn: Excuse me! Why are their kids here? I wanted Christopher. Not kids.
They kind of come with the whole legacy spouse thing.
La Shawn: I don't believe you, make them leave.
Worst Family Sim ever.

Now I see why she doesn't like them. They steal Christopher's attention from her.

Random Stranger in their house: It's OK, you're mommy will love you someday.

Gabriel: Will be my mother?
Passing by stranger: Uh, who are you?
Gabriel dropped everything he was doing to run all the way out to the corner lot and greet this woman. Clearly a cry for help.

Corrine: *gasp* Does this mean you love me now?
La Shawn: Hello, small child, so happy you could come visit us. Now leave....

What the every loving fu- If a Sim is in the Criminal career, they shouldn't be able to be robbed!

Police Officer: I've had a rough day and six years of training. You ain't beating me!
The whole family got up to watch the fight...

...then went back to bed.
Criminal: See you later, boss.
Christopher: I'll send the lawyers by in the morning.

Police Officer: We've had this place monitored for suspicious activity for a while now. But if the underground criminal network targeted you, clearly you're not the criminal mastermind Dr. No Good.
Are you....talking to Corrine? Seriously, she gave the reward money to Corrine.....

All the excitement made Christopher decide that his family needed a little break.

So he bought a vacation home!

Christopher: Now that I've completed my Life Time Want to ruling the criminal empire, I was wonder what yours was. Something to do with a baby right?
La Shawn: You're speaking directly to me, I think I'm in heaven.

I'll spare you all the vacation photos I took, but one very memorable thing did happen...
Christopher: Charts are so hot...and my wife is kind of too.

I really like this photo, there's no reason it's here, especially after such a big shock to me after the last one, but I already feel this is a huge update (probably because I'm trying to get all the in game taken photos in one post) but this photo is pretty to me.

The twins bond and then I send the family home.
Gabriel: No, you have to do it like this with bent knees. And then we have to go home and infect the whole town with this new gesture.

They got a lamp! I also read Legacy where they say this never happens. Not me. I have more families get the lamp than don't.

I had La Shawn wish for Peace of Mind since I knew it'd be awhile before all of her kids were born, grown, out of the house, and married....and I feel like she was further along in her career by's possible I got some photos mixed up....
La Shawn: Can I wish for Christopher to love me forever and ever and ever and ever....

Pervy cat...

I would love to say this is the one and only time this happens. That La Shawn, the woman in the Culinary career who came with cooking points, only ever had the one fire while Christopher, my founder who started off with zero cooking points just lucked out with none. I'd even love to tell you that I took a photo of every fire and that there was only ever the ones shown here...

...I'd be liar since this one pictured here is fire number four.

And oh yeah, La Shawn is pregnant.
La Shawn: I think I ate too much last night.

I even managed to get a birth pic!
La Shawn: Why am I giving birth in the bathroom!? Why is there no hospital in this town!?

Meet baby girl Lila. And La Shawn back in her winter clothes....

Shortly after the birth of their little sister, the twins grew up.
Christopher's Co-Worker: Hey, is she legal?
Gabriel is the one in the red pajamas. I promise I get better at the whole picture taking thing...
Neither got make-overs for a bit because I was trying to save money for an expansion and I don't know how anyone buys their sims new clothes without the sim having the money.
Corrine Dollganger
LTW: Marry Off 6 Kids
Gabriel Dollganger
LTW: Become a Space Pirate
Remember those Aspirations....I swear they are genetic!

Nothing else really happened until Lila's birthday.
La Shawn: Yay for Best Friends!
Don't let her fool you, she barely touched the baby.

Here's toddler Lila!

Look who topped Culinary.
La Shawn: Who?
La Shawn: Oh~ Well that explains the new clothes.

And I'll leave you with the last of the in game photos I took, before I started sucking in higher quality!

How is Culinary and Criminal the same car pool.
La Shawn: Through the power of our love.
Christopher: The buildings are next to each other.
Christopher got fired due to a bad chance card at one point, he worked his way back up, but that's why he's dressed like that.

If you made it through all of that I salute you. I'd have skipped it, but well, it's the beginning of my legacy.
I promise next update will be better. With better quality pictures! And my getting used to the idea of taking pictures while playing. And notes! I didn't really start taking good notes until Gen two was back from University, but hey, there's some! :P
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