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fic: such insignificance - jalex

Title: Such Insignificance
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Warning: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Pairing: Justin/Alex
Summary: Set after the competition. Justin looks back at the thoughts going through his head and comes to a startling conclusion.

When he looks back on it, he can see that it’s sort of odd. In his memory, she’s a stranger although she's held such recognition to him all these years that he can’t believe he ever forgot her.

He was confused, his befuddled mind unable to comprehend that she was asking something of him, a complete stranger and he can’t see why he should help her. But the surrounds are unfamiliar, and her voice sounds so broken, although her words barely penetrate is mind, turning more into back ground noise to his own questions and thoughts, that he can’t seem to stay focused on anything else for long.

The sight of her tear streaked face breaks something deep inside of him, and he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he’ll do anything for her. The urge to reach out and grasp her, hold her close and stop the flow of tears leaking from dark eyes is strong and kiss away the sadness is frighteningly strong.

“but you love me anyways,”

The words leave her mouth and seem to get lost, caught on the wind and twirled around in a dance in the air before finding their way to him, because she’s moved on to other things; things he still can't fully remember. He can taste the truth of them on his tongue as they settle deep within him.

He can’t leave her. He knows this with a certainty that leaves him dizzy at the logic; he barely knows her yet he’d do anything she asks. Her pretty face looks lost, broken, and the desire to fix it, that’s his job, he knows this, is so powerful that he can’t see past her pleading eyes and begging voice. It hurts.

Hind sight is 20/20. There’s been thoughts for years, one’s bitten off when they just begin and beaten down; never fully allowed to develop. But he had no memory then, no idea that he shouldn’t be allowing things to be thought, be dwelled upon and grow. She’s different than Max to him, but that's how it's always been. Looking back, the pieces shift and click into a place, and he can almost physically feel it all come together like the pieces of a puzzle; he never knew it was incomplete. Two letters, so insignificant, so easy and yet they tore his world to shreds and left him scrambling to hold onto it; he was in love with her.

Another old one that I think could be better.
Tags: alex will rule the world, fandom: wizards of waverly place, i don't care if they're related, justin is the hot older brother, this ship is het
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