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fic: goodnight - Jalex

Title: Goodnight
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13ish.
Disclaimer: If I owned Justin would wear more wife beaters and be doing naughty things with Alex.
Pairing: Pre-Justin/Alex
Summary: Set after the movie, after Alex reversed the spell and the Russo were one big happy family again.

They don't wrestle anymore and it bothers her. It feels like they've lost something, a connection or understanding, and she can't stand it, that they've gone backwards. He's her brother, she should still be able to grapple over the remote with him or have pillow fights, or even just to see who can land on top.
He pulls away every time she initiate things, and if she's honest, isn't very often. It hurts slightly, but she can't bring herself to push it. It's not so simple anymore and she can't figure out why.
Then he almost disappears, and that's there, the knowledge, the bold faced fact that it could have all been gone, lost forever because of some stupid wish and it would have been all her fault.
She doesn't know what made her do it, but with Max sleeping in their parents room and the night air blowing in through the window, it felt right. She nearly tackles him, pinning him to the bed in a playful tussle and for the first time in nearly two years, he fights back.
She's not even sure who winning, and she can't bring herself to care; it's nice and familiar and she's giggling so hard she feels tears in the back of her eyes and he's giving as good as he gets. There's breaths mingling now and then and her legs are so wrapped around his that she doesn't know how they'll ever get free, and he's pressed so close that she can smell whatever cologne he's wearing underlined with sweat; she kind of likes the smell.
It clicks, right as his hand goes for her newly freed wrist and she jerks her hips up to stop him and his leg moves out to pin hers, and it only takes a second and she knows; this is why they don’t wrestle anymore. It's all so much, and it's not innocent; the way it use to be when she was still young and he saw her as such. This is no sibling tussle, no family-hate match, its all bodies and breath and he's a guy and she's not sure when that happened. It takes a single second for it all to become clear, and just one more for her to decide that it doesn’t matter.
She's got him almost pinned, except for the way his leg is wrapped around hers greatly dampening her leverage, but she's got his hand caught in the now disheveled blankets, and she's half over him, her hands pushing him down as he pushes back; it's all a game of tug-a-war, only not quiet. She's not sure how, but their faces line up, and he's breathing hard, chest pressed against hers. As warm breath tickles her neck, she wonders how long he's known.
She's breathing hard, he's gotten stronger and it's much more difficult to keep up now, but she turns her head slightly, lips just brushing the top of his cheek and she feels him shudder beneath her. It's exciting and forbidden, and god their parents are in the very next room, but she abruptly digs fingers into his flannel top, releasing his still struggling hand in the process and pulling him towards her and its suddenly different again.
He's turning his head and their lips just brush; it's not a kiss, it'd be weird and gross and wrong to kiss Justin, and a sin to kiss her brother. And then he's moving, pressing against her, while his hands settle for a firm grasp on her shoulder and low on her hip, pulling her towards him as she bunches the cloth on his chest in her hands. One knee gets hooked around his hip and they're suddenly aligned, her elbow pressing into the mattress beneath her side and his harsh breath against her cheek. A few buttons have come undone during the struggle, and one hand has found its way under the red fabric to the too hot skin of his back.
She knows it's up to her to make the next move, it always is, and she's not sure if she's ready. There's a lot at stake, their entire family could fall apart and they just got it put back together and she can't have it be all her fault again.
She's not sure how long they stay there, entangled on his bed just breathing against each other, but he finally pulls back, looking at her with dark eyes. "We should probably go to bed. Big day tomorrow." His voice is soft, and she's surprised at how disappointed she feels at his words. He looks away and she can almost feel the heat coming from his cheeks as they darken."Finish this some other time?" His voice cracks half-way through, going up unnaturally high for a moment as he stares stubbornly away from her.
A grin slips easily onto her lips as she untwines herself from him. "Oh, we will definitely be doing this again." Her voice is teasing, but he's looking at her, a smile to match her own on his face. She crawls out of his bed and into her own, her eyes darting over to meet his every few minutes, but she can't stop herself.
Whispers of "goodnight" fill the room as she snuggles into the cold blankets, pressing her nose into the fabric of her shirt; it smells vaguely of her brother and she smiles as she falls asleep.
Tags: alex will rule the world, fandom: wizards of waverly place, i don't care if they're related, justin is the hot older brother, this ship is het
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