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fic: Numero Uno - joella

Title: Numero Uno
Fandom: JONAS
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Disney decided that the Jonas Brothers just weren't famouse enough and decided to give a broke college student from the middle of nowhere exclusive rights to all things related to the boys.... note the sarcasm
Pairing: Joe/Stella
Summary: She's only kind of, sort of, maybe completely freaking out as to why she's number two on his speed dial.

She never should have lost her phone. And even after that treacherous piece of technology ran away, she should never have asked Joe to call her in order to find it. But she did, he did because he's a nice-yet very evil-boyfriend who was trying to help her. She's not even sure how she noticed, but she saw, with growing disbelief, as his calloused thumb press and held the number two on his phone and her name and photo popped up. Number two! She found her phone, but the image was still burned in her mind, taunting her.
She's not obsessing over it, she's just thinking on it really really hard. Maybe his mother is number one, or one of his brothers, or their dad. She can understand those, she can relax then, because family takes precedence over band stylists/girlfriends. But she doesn't know it's one of them and that tiny lack of knowledge is killing her.
Joe's in the bathroom. Joe's in the bathroom and he left his cell phone on what passed for a coffee table in the boys' room. The gods are kind to her because she didn't plan it, and she has the perfect view of the door to the restroom and it's right there. One perfectly manicured hand dashes out and snatches the phone up, finger quickly smashing the little number one and waiting in breathless anticipation for the three seconds to pass for the name to pop up.
Tags: fandom: jonas, joe's a hoe, stella's hot when she's angry, this ship is het
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