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Fic: And So We Fall - Dalena

Title: And So We Fall
Fandom: Disney Kiddies
Rating: Mentions of underaged drinking and maybe one small curse word
Disclaimer: David and Selena belong to their respective selves. As does anyone else mentioned
Pairing: David/Selena
Summary: For Diya, who I fully blame for this, lol. My first (and last) RPF and Dalena. Don't know what else to put here, just a look at how those two ended up together.

The thing is, Selena likes dorky guys. It's something she understands about herself, something she's come to expect. Shia LaBeoff, Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenburg, etc all beautiful, adorkable guys she's had her own mini-fangirl moments over.

David's not a dork. But his character is. She's pretty sure that's how the crush developed in the first place. He's not her type, but being on set with him, day in and day out, running over lines and watching him stutter and trip and spout off awkward bits of information and-she's knows he's not Justin, no more than she's Alex, but he's there, looking and acting (it's all just acting though) every bit like her ideal man; she shouldn't be blamed for her heart pounding wildly when she knows she's about to see him or the stupid grin that appears on her face whenever his name is mentioned.

The wardrobe guys change his usual outfit mid second season and suddenly she sees well defined arms and peaks of his chest, and it shouldn't be such a big deal, only this is what she sees when she looks at David, and now Justin's mirroring that. She kind of hates them for it, because it makes it harder to remember it's not David making her heart pound.

Nick was passing at best. Not exactly a dork, but not really not either. They were friends, sort of, and he is cute (she's always had a thing for curly hair). Her manager says it's good publicity that the public thinks they're dating. But she knew Miley first, and where as she knows they'll never really go anywhere, the taste of betrayal still lingers on her tongue when she agrees to be seen in public with him more often.

Demi didn't approve, and she can't blame her. They'd agreed, years ago between Barney and Disney, that no matter what, they wouldn't lie to their fans, if they got any. She's not really lying though, she's just not correcting the misconception. She's a good friend though, not saying anything past the pointed look and simple "It's your choice" and she thinks she might cry for the guilt turning in her stomach. David's worse though, shrugging like it doesn't bother him, like it's normal, like he expected it. She does cries that night because she never wanted to be that celebrity. The tabloids say her and Nick brake up a few weeks later.

David's somehow become her best friend and that surprises her. He's not what she usually likes. He's older than her, older than what her mother deems appropriate, and he curses like a sailor when he screws up lines. He's funny though, making her laugh until her sides hurt, and he likes that she's a casual toucher without taking it to be more than what it is. They talk too, a lot, and she finds herself telling people he's like a real brother. The thing is, she's read Jalex "fanfiction" (they were just starting season two and she'd caught wind of the incestuous pairing being the most popular and-curiosity killed the cat); "brother" no longer holds the same meaning to her.

She lied, when she said her crush on him had faded. And really, she should never have mentioned it in the first place, because she knows, even if he wasn't listening, that little bit of info about her one time crush will get back to him and she'll never hear the end of it. He still hasn't stopped ribbing her about the sending Ryan Seacrest an invite to their wedding.

Cast parties are private, (mostly; the image of Miley caught on film in a place where they're suppose to be safe still haunts her), and David's just so excited and proud of Enzo, and they haven't spent any time together since they wrapped up season three and dammit she misses him. The film is a small budget one, something she knows all too much about, but it's kind of fun. She doesn't know anybody but the two brothers, but the music is just this side of too loud to talk without raising your voice, people dancing and moving around the room in a buzz of energy and it's been so long since she's been able to have non-work related fun.

He leaves her side almost as soon as they get there, asking over his shoulder if she wants anything as he heads towards the drinks set up in the corner. He knows she doesn't drink, and he never pressures (it's also one of the few things he doesn't tease her about), but he always offers, to be polite. She shakes her head and watches him disappear into the crowd, Enzo appearing a few minutes later to hug her and chat before asking after his brother. She points in the direction he headed and he flips the dark hair out of his eyes as he nods, still standing there as if he knows that David will come back for her. He's right, he shows up a minute later, beer in hand (he's just a few weeks shy of twenty-one, but that's never stopped him before.)

They leave early, although she tells him he can stay. She's never liked staying out late, but he does and she doesn't mind having a car come pick her up. He insists though, saying he's getting tired when he knows she can tell he's lying.

He's swinging her arm wildly, having purposely reached out and grabbed her hand just for that, and she's laughing at his exaggerated movements and wide grin, wondering half-heartedly if maybe he had one too many and she'll need to drive. The night air is clear and cool though, giving her a heady feeling and making her feel like being reckless, so she swings with him, singing along when he starts belting out his favorite verses in whatever song pops into his head and he starts purposely singing songs with lyrics designed to make her blush.

She wants to blame it on the alcohol, only she didn't have any, but she stops abruptly, halting his movements and his singing as turns to look at her, their hands still intertwined. She's not sure what she was going to say, but she's sure it would have been stupid and embarrassing, but then he's stepping closer, just insider her personal space, which is saying something since she barely has any when it comes to him. A mischievous grin is gracing his face and she should be nervous, but she's feeling giddy and reckless so she returns it, excitement bubbling up. "Never fear, big brother's here."

She's not even sure why he said it, she's not afraid, but that word swirls around in her head and suddenly her head tilts to the side, taking him in. "You wouldn't say that if you knew how those Justin and Alex fans felt."

It's all light hearted fun, but he remembers everything, she should know this. "You said it first." Suddenly his grin deepens, becoming teasingly flirty. "Always knew you wanted me." He's closer now, head leaning down as his smirks grows and she's reminded of the game they used to play; where'd he'd sit next to her and lean closer as she stared straight ahead trying not to smile or laugh, he'd move steadily until his nose pressed into her cheek, eye lashes brushing her temple and giggles would escape her lips and he'd get all smug, like he won. She never understood what was so amusing or funny about their little game, but they played it for years, until her movies pulled her away and their time together was cut shorter and shorter.

The reckless feeling hasn't passed, otherwise she'd sure she would have pulled away by now, instead she leans forward, her free hand (accidently, she can assure you) landing on the edge of the dark jeans resting on his hips for balance as she rises, a teasing whispered "You know it" escaping as she kisses the side of his mouth. She's pretty sure she imagined the quick intake of air she felt him take before she begins to pull back (she's starting to think she may have taken this too far) a playful grin on her face and waiting for his teasing comment to right and steady her world once more, but she doesn't get too far. He turns slightly, pressing his mouth hard against hers briefly in what he'll later claim was his attempted to "finish what you started and get a proper kiss."

She's the one that moves next though, when he's pulling away, looking her in the eye with a half serious, half self-mocking expression, hand leaving his to grab the collar of his white v-neck to pull him down to her again. She blames the night air on her boldness, but she doesn't mind as he plants his hands on her waist, pulling her closer and deepening the kiss.

"I so knew it," he whispers as they pull away, and she can't help but laugh slightly as he takes her hand, still swinging it wildly as they continue their walk to his car.

He makes plans for the next night with her on the way back to her house, thumb rubbing small circles on the back of her hand and she thinks it's kind of ironic that they just sort of fell into this. His manager had mentioned them "dating" for the PR once, but he had turned it down, claiming their roles as siblings for the reason as well as Lucy not liking it. She wonders what he'd say now, if he knew what was happening, what was going to happen.

The thing is, she likes dorky guys. And David's not dorky. But maybe she likes him, and maybe it's not all because of writers who can't write proper siblings, and a fictional nerd she expected to like always being the real boy she's not suppose to, and the supposed chemistry and UST that she's not suppose to know about. Maybe it's more than that, or maybe she was just wrong all along and he's exactly what she likes. Maybe it doesn't matter.

A/N: Let me know what you think. Again, I'm not into RPF's but the idea came to me and wouldn't leave.
Tags: rpf, this ship is het
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